The Home of Skateboarder Dio N. Agius “DNA”

Dio Agius was born in the small town of San Antonio de Areco in Argentina where he lived up until the age of 5 when his parents separated and his mother moved back to the United States to live in Los Angeles. Growing up his mother worked several jobs as a waitress and a part time receptionist to keep food on the table. At a young age he picked up skateboarding as a way to entertain himself while she was away. Before long he had made a few likeminded friends in his neighborhood and they began to practice together coming up with more complex and difficult tricks to try while egging each other on. Over the years twisted ankles and broken bones became a regular staple but DNA had a knack and before long he was showing up the other kids. It was clear he possessed a skill the others didn’t and at the age of 18 he was beginning to be noticed by recruiters.

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Before long DNA was picked up by Vans whom have been known to work with up and comers. Through Vans he became a spokesperson where he was featured in many of their advertisements and began to help design a clothing and shoe line. As his career grew he won many championships and started his own fashion line. His goal was to provide a quality but cost effective product for young kids coming from the same kind of background that he had. He has often been quoted discussing how difficult it was for him to keep up with the hobby because of the cost. “I would wear out shoes and decks, tear holes in all of my clothes, and it was hard for me to afford new ones. I was one of those kids that would have duct tape all over my shoes. I mean, sure, as a kid it didn’t really matter, I just wanted to keep skating, but it sure would have been nice to be able to afford a new pair of skate shoes when I’d ripped the soles off the old ones.” When his line launched in 2010 he donated over 500 items to a charity from his old neighborhood to help kids in the area.

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Like most good things in his life he also met his wife Amanda through skating. The two met when she was working as one of his PR reps and what started as a friendship quickly grew into a full relationship. DNA credits Amanda as being a great motivator and says that she helps to keep him going whenever he starts to doubt himself. The two live together in Malibu with their 2 dogs, Ollie and Frank. There have been a lot of rumors lately about the start of a family but so far the couple has remained quiet on the topic.

At 30 Dio has mentioned that he worries about what he’ll do after skating and last year he decided to attend college at U.C.L.A. and is pursuing a degree in Business. He figures he can use the degree to further his clothing line and branch out into other broader areas in the hopes of continuing to help those in need. “No matter what I do, I want to always be striving to help make other lives better. It’s kind of my personal motto.” He says that attending school while working the skating circuit is difficult but that the school does a lot to help him.